The Cooperation offers two different memberships, a standard and an exclusive membership.

(Member areas are only accessible with a personal login and password)


What does it mean to be a member?


* Access to and collaborate with other member companies.

* Fine tunning your company together with the help of other member companies.

* Exclusive events at supreme locations, investment, seminaries, networking, etc.

* Education in many aspects of business.

* Working together as one and bring economical growth.

* Grow your network of clients on an international level.

* Advice, assistance for your company and goals.

* International PR, Marketing, E-Marketing.

* Consulting and advice on all business fields.

* Expand your company International.

* Special offers and discounts from service providers.

And much more...


Contact us to find out all we offer and start with bringing your company to the next level.


For all info on memberships, BFCCoopertaion you can contact us through our contact form.




For all info you can contact us

through our contact form.






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