We have seen that the amount of companies have been growing tremendously over the years.

Most companies are focusing on their own business, doing all the same actions such as sales, marketing, networking, etc. This means that in general there is no synergy between this growing group of companies.


BFC Cooperation offers an international Champions Court for companies who want to work

and make more money together!

How does this work for the very motivated entrepreneurs?


BFC Cooperation believes that it would be more fun and more effective to start talking to your

co-entrepreneurs about how to alliance and make our businesses more effective.

Furthermore we make a selection of the right motivated companies who are devoted to work together

and become number one. It is like playing Champions League, but in business.


For this reason we offer a 24*7 Champions Court, where the eager and hungry entrepreneurs

will be able to meet each other, collaborate and make more money.

This with two different memberships and actvities.




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